18 February 2009

The Serif Thief/Control Room

This was my first attempt at designing a font. Overall I found the process very satisfying and had been meaning to give it a go for some time. It generated from an idea for a recent brief titled 'Urban Myths and Legends'. I invented a character named 'The Serif Thief' who simply is a being who steals serifs from fonts. Whilst designing I tried to keep things as simple as possible and fittingly create a sans serif (although as I later discovered the uppercase I and both U's have serifs...). The poster below was designed to inform people about the characters existence. You can 'follow the thief' on twitter if your into twittering. At first it was a place the character expresses his whereabouts and doings but has accumulated into documenting various snippets about typography in general.

In the long run i've decided to name the font 'Control Room' based on the restrictions of the equal sided grid each glyph was designed in. Still got some tightening up to do and will make sure to report on the progress in the future.

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Imagined Record project.

A project influenced by 'Meandering Mike', an imagined musical performer with fictional records and artwork. I created the character Rupert Gregory Genrehopper. Here are some examples:

'Geometric hectic' - an album based on all things maths and geometry.

'UnBEARable' - album based simply on bears.

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The Empty Seven

Here are some ideas I had for some artwork for a friends band. They've got a nice organic sound so I thought i'd compliment this with a sea turtle. There good and getting better, definitely worth a listen.


Handmade paper

Whilst tidying up i decided to put all the paper clippings and scraps to good use.

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