19 December 2009

Borrowed Spaces Final Flyer

Flyer designed along with Tamara Tarek for the Exhibition. Presentation & Production revie exhibition.

15 December 2009

Autumn Personal Project 1st Crit

13 December 2009

Thinthic Uppercase

The uppercase letters for the 'thinthic' (temporary name) font i've been working on. Still a bit of tweaking and experimenting to do....

12 December 2009

ExPresProd Invite Workings

7 December 2009

Almanac Remix

On Friday afternoon (after being in the library all night to work on my thesis because i was in 'writing mode') I was rather tired of writing and wanted to try and do a quick project/poster design. I began trying to work some of the elements from the almanac project into an A3 page which would be then folded up to create a kind of foldout CV. I was focusing again once more on not using text and exploring other graphic means to communicate the message (name, d.o.b, place of birth, address etc). Below are some examples of where I'd got to:

Personal Almanac

Above are some examples of the pages from a 16 page self promotional booklet/almanac. Rather than being a simple, serious and sensible mini portfolio, we had to consider ways to express our personalities to prospective clients (which was a recurring topic in the crits), even giving thought to adding a sprinkle of fun and humour.

There is no standard text within my booklet, but the personal information can be worked out through a coded system within the graphic elements.

4 December 2009


1 December 2009

Thikthin Typeface

First look at Thikthin typeface (more to come)